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The project is run by Inspire and Achieve (IAF). It aims to reduce reoffending through the provision of a suitably trained, specialist worker in each of the two custody suites who will coach and mentor from the initial engagement in the police station, back into the community and then right through to supporting access to suitable ETE provision.

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IAF provide wraparound support and care through effective coaching and mentoring approaches. Key aspects of the project include:

  • A focus specifically on 18 to 25 year olds (up to 30 years with discretion based on need) who are NEET with emphasis on those furthest away from engaging with suitable provision.

  • Providing mentoring and coaching as well as high levels of support and contact to the client.

  • A focus particularly on those in custody for violence/gang association/serious assaults

  • The project is locally based with a network of colleagues who can provide support for the client, have a good knowledge of and working relationship with local education, employment and training provision, and a thorough working knowledge of the community provision.

  • A commitment in parallel with the criminal justice system, tailoring interventions according to the judicial situation without impeding this process.

  • Emphasis on cultural competance to engage effectively with all target groups to provide the best opportunity for successful outcomes for the client.


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