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Welcome to the
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The Nottinghamshire Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP), in close collaboration with the Ending Youth Violence Network (EYVN), have created this online space to support local community and voluntary sector organisations who work with young people vulnerable to being impacted by serious violence.

We want to ensure organisations working in the third sector have equitable access to workforce development opportunities so that they are able to provide quality provision for children and young people.

The EYVN is Nottinghamshire's biggest independent forum for local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations who work with vulnerable young people at risk involvement in violence and exploitation.  The EYVN includes organisations at differing stages of development.  The VRP has worked with the EYVN since 2019 and has co-produced this page to be of use to everyone, from small start-ups consisting of a few staff who have not been funded before to larger more established charities who want to keep their teams up-to-date with best practise.

Within this Hub you will find the following resources to aid you:

  • Local Data and Information - this section will provide you with the links to key local data from the VRP, Police, Local Authorities and others.  Enabling you to find easy-to-use data and information about your area to help you keep informed and demonstrate the need for your services when applying for funding.

  • Ending Youth Violence Network



A package of training and development provided for the local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)


Information of development grants and funding including support for bids (data, research, etc)

Ending Youth Violence Network

No events at the moment

Training skills audit

In order to ensure training pathways meet the needs of VCS practitioners and organisations working within the youth work sector in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire a training skills audit is necessary to determine gaps in knowledge and understanding, and to highlight additional areas of continuous professional development which the sector may benefit from.  The VRP, in collaboration with the Ending Youth Violence Network, have developed a skills audit to help partners assess the skill level of their workers and volunteers who work directly with young people. This includes helping to identify gaps and training needs.

Click here to view the skills audit. 

It is our aim to provide free training for all of the agreed criteria, and this training will be detailed in the training section of this website.

Our plans are in the final approval stage and the tools will be available soon.  For more information please contact



Local Data and


Current Funding Opportunities

For grant funding opportunities from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire/Violence Reduction Partnership CLICK HERE

For tender opportunities from the Violence Reduction Partnership CLICK HERE

For wider VCS funding opportunities CLICK HERE 


Local Data and Information

The links below are to key resources that can support community organisations in drafting funding bids, designing a project or reviewing their service.  The links provide information on the profile of local communities, levels of violence, good practice in violence reduction and how to evaluate an intervention.  


The Serious Violence Strategic Needs Assessment produced by the VRP provides data in relation to violence and context.  The Insight websites provide additional information, including the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment produced to support health and social care commissioning that includes domestic abuse and more general information about population and including neighbourhood profiles - click the links below for further information:

The Youth Endowment Fund is the source of a growing evidence base on what interventions help to keep children safe from violence.  The toolkit has already started to inform the work to reduce violence locally.  Most notably, a successful bid to the Youth Endowment Fund has led to the development of a custody diversion scheme for young people (Divert Plus).  As well as guiding funding decision decisions, the toolkit can be used by service providers to self-assess whether they are aligned with proven good practice.

Report on What Works to Prevent Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence - Systematic Evidence Assessment

The VRP has produced this guide to identify and improve the collection of measurable key
indicators of success. 

Public Health Wales commissioned this guide of evaluation from Liverpool John Moore University.  Although focusing on evaluation, the advice in the Toolkit covers topics central to designing an intervention. 

Ending Youth Violence Network


The Ending Youth Violence Network is an informal network of Voluntary and Community based organisations committed to tackling the causes of the causes of youth violence and other issues which impact young people in the city and lead to poorer outcomes.  The network was founded in 2014 and shares information about local initiatives and opportunities, promotes collaboration and shares good practice.  We also identify issues of concern and highlight these to the relevant statutory services.


We are a broad and diverse network including new community organisations but also larger infra-structure organisations such as Housing Associations, and established charities.   A significant number of us deliver direct support to young people.  We have been developing a Consortium called REALISE which we believe will help to embed good practice but enable us to work collectively to identify needs, share services and continue to improve our delivery based on our understanding of young people facing a range of challenges in localities but also their communities of identity and interest. We are working with the Violence Reduction Partnership to embed the National Youth Agency Standards and Youth work qualifications for organisations and volunteers.


If you would like to attend our monthly meetings or learn more about the network or  REALISE Consortium, please contact us at

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