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The Targeted Youth Outreach Project is run by Breaking Barriers Building Bridges. Under this model their youth workers go to key areas in Nottingham City Centre and engage with groups of young people at risk of involvement in violence. The aim is to de-escalate conflicts and provide non-violent alternative ways of dealing with confrontation

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Key aspects of this project include:

  • Dispersing groups of young people in hot spot areas of the City Centre, where necessary to prevent violence.

  • Providing holistic support where required for young people at risk, including referrals into other interventions, such as pathways into education, training and employment and support services, such as those addressing substance abuse and mental health.

  • Engaging with partners, including City Centre based Police Officers, to ensure a coordinated approach.

  • Intervention to continue alongside Radford based outreach pilot which will be funded by NFCT.

To learn more about Breaking Barriers Building Bridges and their work visit:

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