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Covid-19 Impact

Early in 2020 the VRU published an assessment of violence in the City and County.  That document can be downloaded here .  The Assessment included a section with views from people who live in the City and County and also community organisations and services.


COVID-19 has had a big impact on our lives since then and in the VRP we are trying to understand both what the impact was in 2020 but more importantly what will the next year be like and what we need to do to reduce harm. 


We have spoken to youth workers and to community organisations but if there is anything you wish to share then please either complete the questionnaire below (don’t feel you have to answer every question or email .

Your Views

This survey will be available until 28 February 2021 and will be used to support future planning but comments will only feed directly into the Assessment if submitted before 15 January 2021.


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