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Innovative body-worn camera technology to make Nottingham's city centre safer

Nottingham safety partners will be the first in the UK to deploy body-worn video cameras with radio communication functionality across both retail and night-time economy businesses in Nottingham city centre.

Complementing the city centre radio scheme, managed by Nottingham’s business improvement district, It’s in Nottingham, the new technology will give city centre businesses the tools they need to share information to prevent and detect crime, protect their staff, improve feelings of safety, and send a clear message that Nottingham won’t stand for violence or abuse.

Using technology which is similar to a mobile phone, the cameras will be able to live stream both video and audio to Nottingham City Council’s CCTV control room. This means faster and more appropriate responses from partner agencies and efficient allocation of emergency resources.

Should incidents occur, the new cameras will play an important role in prosecution of offenders by enabling agencies to reach the evidence threshold in court.

The new body-worn technology, supplied by ShopSafe and funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire through the Late Night Levy, will enhance the abilities of the local business community to readily share data, and capture first hand evidence of abusive and anti-social behaviour.

The launch of this innovative safety initiative comes as city centre partners proudly announce that Nottingham has once again been awarded the Purple Flag accreditation for the safety of its evening and night-time economy.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “The innovative bodyworn cameras being used here in Nottingham highlights the commitment of all our partners to improving feelings of safety.

“I’m really proud of how partners work together to pioneer new initiatives here in Nottinghamshire, such as the new bodyworn cameras which haven’t been used anywhere else in the country.

“We know Nottingham is a welcoming place to come and enjoy a fantastic night out, highlighted by confirmation of Nottingham’s accreditation as a Purple Flag city, which means it has been independently benchmarked as being a safe and enjoyable place to have a night out.”

Similar to the Blue Flag for beaches, the Purple Flag recognises the ongoing commitment of partners across the city to focus on the safety and wellbeing of visitors and residents in the city’s wide range of dining, entertainment and cultural venues.

In awarding the Purple Flag to Nottingham, governing body Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) highlighted effective communication between businesses and partner agencies through the Purple Flag working group and the introduction by It’s in Nottingham of both strategic and tactical forums to ensure businesses are able to take part in safety initiatives across the city.

Other highlights noted by the ATCM included the Safe Space Pledge, which has developed to include hospitality and retail businesses in addition to after-dark venues, as well as bus and tram networks. The Pledge was recognised with a national award for the Most Innovative Scheme for its incorporation of the city’s Best-Bar-None accreditations.

The Consent Coalition, who have created and widely promoted their Night-Time A to Z of consent throughout Nottingham city centre including tram and bus advertising, to encourage discussion and learning around the importance of consent.

Nottingham’s PubWatch have been recognised by winning the overall National PubWatch Award for their close partnership working on safety initiatives and their focus for this year remains on sustainability. 

Alex Flint, CEO, It’s in Nottingham said: “Working directly with pubs, bars and clubs across Nottingham city centre gives us a unique perspective on how hard they work to give visitors the diverse, vibrant and safe experiences which they love about our city. We’re proud to support these businesses by working with our partners to ensure a great night out for leisure visitors and to create a strong city centre business economy.

"The Purple Flag award reflects effective partnership working across Nottingham city centre, from police, crime prevention teams to major stakeholders like the universities. This award is rightly shared by everyone who has given their expertise, time and commitment to support our safety initiatives – it’s very rewarding to see them all recognised in this way.”

Lord Coaker, Independent Chair of Nottingham Community Safety Partnership, said: “Partners across Nottingham are doing some great work to make the safety of the city centre a priority.

“Every single agency involved is doing what they do best and it is important that we recognise their individual contributions, dedication and hard work.

“The achievement here is strong and continued partnership working, the city of Nottingham benefits greatly from the right people and agencies working together for the good of the local area.”



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