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Children’s charities receive £50k boost to reduce risk of violence amid Covid-19

Violence prevention experts have distributed more than £50,000 of emergency funding to children’s charities across Nottinghamshire to support young people throughout the pandemic and reduce the risks of violence.

Nottinghamshire’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) was awarded £74,720 from the Home Office as part of its Covid-19 Support for Vulnerable Children’s Charities to support the mental wellbeing of young people and their families and provide opportunities for children to engage in positive activities to prevent them turning to crime during the pandemic.

So far, the VRU has earmarked more than £50,000 with the remaining grants set to be distributed before the end of December 2020.

The funding has already helped to provide food parcels for young people and their families, cover the cost of mentorship sessions and online training programmes, counselling, holiday club sessions and anxiety management and confidence building intervention.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping, chair of the VRU, said: “Protecting vulnerable children and young people throughout the pandemic is a top priority and we are grateful for the efforts of a large number of charities and non-profit organisations which are supporting our efforts to prevent exploitation and harm.

“With some families facing increased financial hardship as a result of coronavirus, many of the risks have heightened and it is imperative we continue to provide a lifeline where vulnerable young people can gain access to practical and emotional support.

“This emergency relief has and will continue to ensure intervention activities launched prior to the pandemic can continue online or in new, innovative ways so that months’ of engagement and dialogue with young people has not been lost. Now, more than ever, young people need an outlet to express their worries and fears and encouragement over their choices and I’m pleased this fund helps secure those vital services.”

Youth support charity The Pythian Club, based in Nottingham, received £3,736 to provide around 100 children with activity packs to help them keep active and mentally-stimulated during the months of lockdown when the organisation’s normal outdoor sessions such as football and boxing could not take place.

Fearless Youth Association (FYA) received a grant worth £3,736 to move their training programmes online, including access to an online radio station, podcasts and videography, while a number of online counselling sessions were also provided. Young people also became involved in volunteering through the charity to help other organisations provide emergency food parcels.

Inspired to Succeed CIC received £3,736 to help establish a food bank to drop off food to vulnerable young people and their families from hard to reach communities. The charity is now in the process of offering in-house training, coffee mornings, events/activities, confidence-building and self-advocacy for parents and young people.

Meanwhile, Chayah Development Project received £3,736 to help fund outreach workers who completed five weeks of outreach work in the Clifton, Bestwood and Hyson Green areas of Nottingham to support children, young people and their families. Activity included seizing weapons that were handed over to the police, mediating in family feuds and supporting the Neighbourhood Policing Team with issues in the community.


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