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PROJECT - Al-Hurraya

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A crime reduction initiative within BAMER Communities that is delivered by Al Hurraya.


The project provides workshops, counselling, one-to-one and group mentoring for young people most at risk of involvement in serious crime.

Al-Hurraya Logo. Changing Individuals, Transforming Communities

Interventions will primarily be aimed at young people from the Hyson Green and Bobbersmill area who present high risk factors, such as drug use in families, exposure to organised crime, high scores on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) chart, high risk of exclusion, and other complex issues. Key outcomes include:

  • Increased support for young people who present with complex issues, such as trauma, PTSD, and risk of criminality

  • Reduced school exclusions

  • Reduced reoffending and organised crime

  • Raised awareness of taboo subjects and current issues within the BAMER communities

  • Increased intelligence sharing with partners  when required to reduce harm

  • Build on partnerships with the Police and other statutory organisations to improve trust in the community.

  • Train statutory staff so that they are better equipped to address the above issues


For more information about Al Hurraya visit:


Covid-19 Update:

Al Hurraya are still providing counselling and mentoring for young people aged 10 plus and as this cannot be delivered face-to-face, this is done via phone and video calls such as Zoom or Skype.


Their work for Nottingham Recovery Network and Clean Slate is being done in the usual way. Children supported come under the “vulnerable children” definition under Government Covid-19 plans, so they are able to attend school and are therefore able to go ahead with their planned sessions.

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