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Restorative Choices – Remedi

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In line with the recent shift to recognising the exploitation of children and young people, Remedi’s work focuses on the the need to safeguard rather than criminalise those at risk of involvement in violence. The events of recent years have left young people more vulnerable to knife violence and exploitation. With young people out of school and families in poverty, this programme adapts with these changes and allow them to find a way to reach out to young people regardless of their circumstances, as perpetrators also seize opportunities to adapt the way that they exploit our young people.


The primary means of delivering this programme in knife crime and exploitation workshops in schools, which have been a great success and have proved popular with teachers, young people and community workers alike, with good engagement and knowledge retention so far.

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Key outcomes of this project include:​

  • Young people and community workers have an increased understanding of the risk of involvement in County Lines/ Knife crime and those involved

  • People in the community (including parents, carers and teachers) have an increased understanding of the message of the Restorative Choices programme

  • Young people and their communities lasting knowledge and increased confidence in spotting signs of exploitation, accessing support, and raising concerns of risk


To learn more about Remedi and their work, visit

To enquire about setting up a workshop at your school, college, or community group email

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