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Nottingham Space

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The National Justice Museum, in collaboration with the Ben Kinsella Trust, have hosted the Choices and Consequences exhibition since 2019. The exhibit tells the story of Ben Kinsella, who was tragically killed in 2008, and is a vehicle to educate local young people about the consequences of carrying a knife and the choices they can make to avoid becoming impacted by violence.


The extension to this exhibit, called Nottingham Space, bring the message closer to home with stories from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.


The exhibit has the following learning points:


  • The dangers of carrying a knife

  • The consequences of carrying and associating with those carrying knives

  • The law and how it applies to knife crime cases

  • The realities of prison life

  • Making positive choices to stay safe

  • Making safe decisions when it comes to good friends


To learn more about the exhibition, visit

To book a free tour for your school, college, or group email

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