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3 Pillars

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Their VRP commissioned project, GAMEPLAN is designed to divert and rehabilitate men aged 14-29 through sports-based mentoring. This is an early intervention, in custody and post-release method creating a long-term model for behaviour change. 3 Pillars’ sports-based mentoring model works with a range of young men, both at risk of crime and in the criminal justice system, in custody and post-release through. They give participants an opportunity to use the fitness qualifications we provide to coach and mentor others. This in turn provides young people in the community a relatable role model with lived experience to help guide them into more positive routes.

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Key outcomes of GAMEPLAN include:


  • Participants have an improvement in mental & physical well being

  • Participants sustain improved relationships, family life and established support network 

  • Participants sustain positive behaviour change and reduce their likelihood of being sent or returning to prison

  • Participants obtain CSLA Level 1,2,3 & Gym instructor/Personal trainer qualifications or supported in a work placement


To learn more about the work of 3 Pillars visit

To enquire about 3 Pillars running sessions to your school or community group, email

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