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Youth Diversion - Support through Sport

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The project has three main phases. The first phase focuses on engagement and outreach within each location. It consists of outreach teams engaging with young people, community members, schools, colleges and local organisations. This phase allows Support through Sport to raise awareness of the programme, ensuring that they have the support of the local community and local organisations by networking and keeping them well informed.


The second phase focuses on the sustainable delivery of bespoke sporting initiatives, one session per week in the area. As initial engagement after outreach, sports provision is used as a tool for building trust-based relationships and encouragement into further initiatives which support youth development. The final stage focuses on the sustainability of the community assets that Support through Sport have worked to develop over the recent months and supporting young people with further initiatives. These could include; sports mentoring, access to volunteering opportunities, support into education or employment, supporting personal development via courses/qualifications or other soft or hard outcomes further listed in our application.


Key outcomes for this project include:


•             Young people have an improvement in mental & physical well being

•             Young people sustain improved relationships, family life and established support network

•             Young people sustain positive behaviour change and reduce their likelihood of being sent or returning to prison

•             Young people obtain CSLA Level 1,2,3 & Gym instructor/Personal trainer qualifications or supported in a work placement


To learn more about Support through Sport and their work visit


To enquire about working with Support through Sport and to refer to them, use their contact page here.

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