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Stop Out Stay Out are running a pilot resettlement course to run over the course of 12 weeks to support resettlement of those leaving the Lowdham Grange prison estate.

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They will engage 12 participants through a number of topics, enabling them to reflect on how their actions have impacted on people within the family and wider circle, with the aim of  building stronger families, safer communities and remove barriers and increase awareness.


The programme will also cover substance misuse, financial issues, careers advice, DWP support, positive relationships and housing, volunteering options and much more.

Participants reaching the final session are rewarded with a graduation ceremony where family and friends are able to attend and share their success stories. The journey will continue post release, with service users being supported by community services and mentors.

Early Engagement is vital for resettlement to be successful for many offenders, Step Out Stay Out intend to connect inmates pre-release with the whole family unit. To manage and facilitate difficult conversations and questions before release, the hope is that the wrap around support will make the transition from custody to community smooth and more successful for both Offenders and Family members.

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